Wikileaks and the mysterious disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis

arjenkamphuis. eu, 2018
arjenkamphuis. eu, 2018

The Strange Disappearance of Cybersecurity – Experts Arjen Kamphuis

It is certain that Kamphuis, who for years belonged to the closer circle of supporters of Assange, was last seen on August 20 in Bodø, in front of Hotel Scandic Crown. He wanted to take the train to Trondheim. Kamphuis wasn’t supposed to be suicidal. His schedule was full of plans.

Days later, when the missing man hadn’t returned to the Netherlands. a kayak 50 km away. Later, a fisherman at Saltdalsfjorden near the shore between Fauske and Rognan den Identity card and other items from the undoubted possession of Kamphuis.

Norge, mv/mcvth, kasaan media, 2018
Norge, mv/mcvth, kasaan media, 2018

About 10 days after the disappearance, the mobile phone of the missing person was briefly switched on in southern Norway, in Vikeså near Stavanger, more than 1700 km from the last known whereabouts of the Dutchman. About 30 minutes. The telephone, which afterwards contained a German map, moved with the person within a radius of 75 km until it was switched off.

An accident is therefore very unlikely. According to the observers, suicide is also ruled out.
A voluntary disappearance seems very unlikely.
Who can provide information about a German SIM card that has been activated in this context in Vikeså near Stavanger?
So what happened?
Despite the fact that the Norwegian police, supported by Dutchmen, carried out a land and water search, there is still no trace of Kamphuis.

Did Kamphuis follow a lead?

The story seems completely bizarre if you put together the facts from the case that have been published by the Norwegian police so far.

Was Kamphuis kidnapped or was he the victim of a crime?
Wikileaks – Sympathisers speak of a conspiracy that is now receiving new food, since Assange secretly accused was.

The Australian Assange, who has been waiting in his ambivalent asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012 because he fears being taken to the USA. There one tries to get rid of the naturalized compatriot for quite some time. In the US, Assange may face the death penalty for publishing thousands of documents reporting America’s dirty wars, corruption and human rights crimes. The United States accuses him of espionage.
The founder of Wikileaks was internationally wanted under dubious circumstances for rape in Sweden and arrested in the UK in 2012. The Swedish proceedings have now been discontinued due to the statute of limitations. However, Assange has to face the UK authorities because he did not comply with the bail requirements at the time.In connection with the now secret accusation against Assange, it is also conceivable that the Dutchman was kidnapped. There is said to be a secret Norwegian military airport near Bodø.

Was the Dutchman brought to the U.S. to prepare the charges against Assange?
Or was he just a random victim?

Personal description of Arjen Kamphuis

Kamphuis has long blonde hair and wears glasses. He is 47 years old, about 1.78 m tall and of normal stature. Normally he was dressed in black and carried a black backpack. He was an avid hiker.
Anyone who has information should contact the turn around.
Or directly to the Dutch police.


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