When there were still glaciers

Glacier Alps, kasaan media, 1988
Glacier Alps, kasaan media, 1988

In search of Nambia

As Donald Trump searches for the unknown land of Nambia, we look for images that bear witness to the change on our planet. That seems more realistic to us.

There are frightening examples that support the findings of scientists worldwide and certainly have nothing to do with a normal Earth cycle.

No one can find this glacier anymore, which existed 30 years ago in the Alps in Austria. They disappeared completely. One can find glaciers in our days, which were a natural evolution, now only in the upper altitudes.

The global warming is done by man and certainly not a ghost from the realm of legends and fairy tales, as those claim, who do not want to be lectured and give nothing to what is with the next generation.

Glacier Alps 1987, kasaan media, 2017
Glacier Alps 1987
kasaan media, 2017

We only have this one earth to live on.
Trump and his regime also do not see the needs for the next generations to preserve this unique treasure of Earth. Those who exit the climate agreement are driven by greed for money. It is not more. A good dose of stupidity is certainly with them as well.

We wish Trump and his colleagues luck in finding Nambia! May they find peace there.



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