Trump is a bozo – Robert De Niro said


Robert de Niro brought it to the point. He does not like Trump.
That showed the video precisely.

However, who likes the mistaken “preacher” of the Republicans at all? A few bootlickers maybe for some more cash.
A no-go-candidate.
The genuine Trump is a political clown compared to a pig, by Robert de Niro.

The pig comparison was still the friendliest thing De Niro had for the unsuccessful real estate salesman Trump.

A gambler from nowhere.
Trump is cynical, despising women and anything that does not fit into his world. a man of broken dreams and full of enormous psychological violence.

And, as he announced, he would destroy anyone, who does not fit into this “Plastic-Barbie” world of wigs and more.
In the Manhattan Club Scene, where the old men meet since ages and live their dirty fantasies, Trump can shine like a .45 Winchester Magnum, but not in international relations.
Trump is a nasty and miserable demagogue. And many people overseas can imagine, that he is practicing in front of a mirror to compete with Hilliary. His ideas are borrowed from a fascist dictatorship. His speeches are incoherent, in part stupid, in fact he acts like an ambition-eaten non-political nut, who knows how to slander his political adversaries.

Not more, but not less.

De Niro, one of the greatest living legends in Hollywood, should not rub his hands on Trump. He is too dirty.
Trump is not worth it. Trump is a part of shaming shadowy, but dying, movement.
If Trump would be elected, the US would end up in a completely isolated state in the middle of nowhere.

Trump is a foamer, who has disqualified himself with hate speech on women, indeed, he is by now the Republican party’s marionette, because he has got no program, ain’t no knowledge, or any plan of politics or leadership.

Yes, Donald Trump is an embarrassing disgrace for civilization.


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