The Secrets Of The Moon

371255main_Seismic_full Image Credit: NASA
371255main_Seismic_full Image Credit: NASA

Real secrets

Anything that could be written in this context can also be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

Only one does injustice to those who seem to think outside, over the usual horizon.
And, in this context, there must be no prohibition of thinking anymore.

Martin van Vuuren’s Facebook group features images which were recently released by NASA decades after they were taken.

On the contrary, Martin van Vuuren is not a conspiracy theorist at all.

Impressive how he shows in self-made videos that is something out there.

Only what can that be?

Indeed it is, so much is clear, not natural.
But what is it?

These images, taken by various missions of the Apollo crews, including satellites over the decades, can simply be dismissed as conspiracy theory that lacks any foundation. That would be disrespectful to Van Vuuren’s work and would not reflect the reality of the images.

You have to know that in the 1960s and early 1970s the astronauts brought these films back to earth from their own perception.

In this context, it seems particularly interesting that former astronaut Edwin Aldrin, a member of the famous Apollo 11 mission, recently passed a polygraph test. Buzz Aldrin is firmly convinced that he has seen alien activities on the moon during the Apollo mission.

In 1969 it came on the moon to a contact between the astronauts of NASA and aliens. This is the story to tell. What actually happened there is not clear, after which the Apollo program, because it was supposedly too expensive, was pulped.

What emerged from the Apollo program?

Of course, it is very daring to say that the images of the moon mission were shot in a studio in Hollywood.

Now you could understand the entire behavior of NASA as a theater for the average citizen.

What can not be, that should not be

However, what kind of buildings, if any, are on the Moon and on Mars?

Are the buildings abandoned because a swarming civilization was looking for raw materials there, back in time?

Are the visible plants still being operated on the moon?

Is there a secret space mission aside the well-known NASA program, as numerous, even serious informants claim?

We humans are certainly not the first to live in the vicinity of the habitable zone of our known solar system.

It is not clear whether the installations we can see on blurry images testify of another world that is already deserted.

The surreality of considering that the Moon was one day, by whom ever, their “settlement “.

There are more and more serious characters busy about the output of the Mars Rovers, with the most incredible results .

What sounds like science fiction today can be rewritten in 30 years.

The question remains whether NASA, for good reason, does not tell what is going on there, on the Moon and on Mars.

There is no doubt that there is something after one has seen the picture.

All you have to do is look at the images of the missions, magnified and not pixelated, but these walls, structures are certainly incredible.

Of course you can say, as NASA, that it is a pareidolia. The human mind interprets what it wants to see into the picture. It is not.

It’s like the creatures on Mars, those crabs, the oceans on one of Saturn’s moons. What about Europe? And this question will also be allowed, is there another planet called Planet-X, about which the normal man in street knows next to nothing.

But if you look at everything from the perspective of the last century, you can already come to the conclusion that everything we know so far about our next planets turns out to be a book with seven seals.

It remains to be seen whether people have been able to travel to space from a possible base, such as Vandenberg or another secret installation, for some years now.

Only, one more question remains, an intellectually inferior president, like Donald Trump, went on to found a Space Force.

The last thing the US needs right now for its continued existence.

Why was this Space Force being found?
Especially, since the tasks of this so-called Space Force are not exactly outlined.

Let’s face it, creating for man alone this wonderful secret space would be abundance in creation and certainly not justified.


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