The Satans General


The verdict was delivered and for the former Serbian General Ratko Mladić it meant symbolicly the death penalty.

Many of the victims wanted him to hang. Civilisation forbids this forever.

Today, he was removed from the courtroom after a tantrum in the moments of the verdict.

A sentence of life imprisonment in his age was justified.

Ratko Mladić is too old to see freedom again. He is 75.

Karadzic’s henchman, Ratko Mladić, once General of the Serbian Army, was given in The Hague this week in front of his earthly judge the verdict.
He was escorted to an adjoining room where could follow his verdict the world had been waiting for 22 years on a sofa. .

Ratko Mladić shone with inhuman, particularly reprehensible behavior, by the genocide of the non-Serb population under the “Directive 7”, which he had to implement for his big boss Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade in the 1990s.

It came to the worst genocide since World War II. Mladić did not miss anything to cruelly kill, torture,and his army used rape as a weapon.

Ratko Mladićwas the most terrifying butcher in the Balkans, who was also charged with taking UN peacekeepers, who were simply overwhelmed with the situation, as hostages to his aggressive expansionist policies.

In false camaraderie, he was understood as a national hero by many Serbs. For him, war was the total annihilation and extinction of entire ethnic groups. To fight the dirtiest of of the war, he went in the mountains.

The stations of his bloody craft are many: Gorazde, 1994. He was responsible for the three-year siege and starvation of the former Olympic city of Sarajevo. More than 10,000 people gave their lives, among others, by snipers.

In Srebrenica, 1995, he held in the concentration camp people like animals and executed children.

He set up a bloodbath that the world understood only hesitantly, people were held behind barbed wire, emaciated to the bone. The evil had a name henceforth. Many of the mass graves left by Serbian soldiers have not yet been found.

On his more than a decade-long escape from the International Criminal Court, he danced at many weddings, protected by old cliques within the Serbian military apparatus.
Now there is no closure, it is sure Mladić will appeal against the verdict.


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