The red tape whinnied almost 200 years ago


    Tax miracle

    You do not want to believe it.

    Napoléon Bonaparte was only 10 years dead when this document was drafted. It was given to a pharmacist in this time the freedom to rent out a room without having to pay taxes.

    As if Berlin had nothing to do after the Congress of Vienna – no, Berlin was keen on the meticulous payment of taxes, even into the last corner of Prussia.

    The text does not differ much from today’s documents and is rather amusing after almost 200 years. The German of those days sounds strange, although it is only six generations ago.

    The background to the story was probably that the pharmacist was training a successor who was still a student at the time of application.

    The document comes from personal family property and is in very good condition, it is a timely document to smile about.
    And no, it is not for sale and inquiries of any kind n this direction will be treated negligently.


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