The incredible Mr. Kim

Kim_Jong-un_at_the_Workers'_Party_of_Korea_main_building, Blue House (Republic of Korea) [KOGL Type 1]
Kim_Jong-un_at_the_Workers'_Party_of_Korea_main_building, Blue House (Republic of Korea) [KOGL Type 1]

About the “Whopper” man

Mr. Kim has come a long way with just 34 years. He became a general of his ever-rejoicing lackeys, a despot and entertainer in matters of martial war propaganda, a ruler and thinker of dubious nuclear missiles, potatos and cosmetics.

And one of the most hated man on planet earth.

Kim Jong-Un Photorealistic-Sketch.jpg
Von Benutzer P388388 auf Wikimedia Commons Eigenes Werk, CC-BY-SA 4.0, Link

Incidentally, the dictator apprentice is also the owner of several concentration camps, a subjugated nation, which would never doubt the godlike despotism. Everything else would be deadly.

Kim is a complete reincarnation of a bad cartoon character. With a black hat.

He is the tragic hero of the complete crazy Juche theory – but stupid and brutal enough to wipe out his people for power.

One can not hold, like Trump, North Koreas people as hostage of the politics.

No observer can tell what is really going on in the foreclosed country, whether Kim is having fun with his device’s, his daily threats, and if Kim is actually celebrating New Year’s Eve with incontinental missiles every day.

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You can not take Kim for serious anymore.

He is just dangerous.

Kim is severely overweight and suffers from a “political attention deficit syndrome” that even his outdated generalship may no longer control.

Kim has a busy schedule of inspecting tires and potatoes, then he appeared in front of the cosmetics factory, later as a guide to the behemoth rocket vehicle. Moments after Kim Jong-un was back to the puppet theater of the Pyongyang People’s Congress. Actually, he can only have doubled, otherwise his performance is unexplainable.

Meanwhile, the chief of the rocket men procures over the dubious office No. 39, funds to upgrade further.
Undoubtedly, Kim had helpers who sold him the technology for a lot of money.
Kim’s paranoid hatred of the US shows the unreal world he lives in, including Walt Disney movies.

On the other hand, Donald Trump could not only be his grandfather from age, but also from morality, greed and propaganda.

Both men do not care much for abusing the world and the population for their childish sandbox games.

In this context, the war will be unavoidable- the war Kim talked about so much. Trump will not give in, for he uses the war as bitterly as Kim for his dubious reign, for the same reason.

The predicted war is a horror for humanity, even if the nuclear warheads produced in Kim’s basement do not ignite, a dirty bomb is enough.

On the other hand, Kim and his guards have to be removed from the public.
Kim is unsustainable to civilization, a shame to humanity.


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