The fate of Chinese migrant workers

    Chinese migrant worker, rms/mcvth, kasaan media, 1987
    Chinese migrant worker, rms/mcvth, kasaan media, 1987

    Lost in fate

    Every dictatorship has a layer of slaves to profit from.

    In China, there are well over 320 million Chinese migrant workers who, literally, do the dirty work for the system.

    Left largely to their own fate, they then have to fight against the laws of the state and the unfairness of life.

    Since the days of the bloody dictator and sole despot Mao, who left the country in abject poverty and in the one-party system of so called Communism, people from the rural areas and unskilled workers are looking for work all over the country, as in a huge ant population.

    Sheer desperation

    This sheer desperation is exploited by unscrupulous traders.

    These winners of the system actually manage people like slaves and suck the last power- the will to carry on in this senseless system – their commitment to work, clear rubble, clean channels.


    Under the most inhumane conditions of employment, without social insurance, such as sickness or pension insurance- they are called to the most degrading services.

    The billions, however, have created just over a fifth of the population that must fight for the party cadres and the new rich in complete detachment from what the party actually “preaches” as Communism from the beginning.

    China has not signed the agreement on migrant workers’ rights. However, it does not seem to matter to Beijing that the cheap laborers are still a significant part of the construction and civil engineering in the People’s Republic.

    The suicide rates should be very high.

    Nobody, however, has reliable figures that correspond to a scientific basis.

    Entire branches of all business in China are made up of migrant workers, whose families usually reside far away and need the money of the day laborers to survive in rural China.


    The migrant workers themselves wreak havoc in “>quarters that can be descript as inhuman and simple. The amount of those who are looking for a little wealth will grow larger in the years to come.

    And China has neither a recipe for the growing number of migrant workers nor for the multi-party state, which would mean the transition to democracy. China also has no idea how the rural population could be kept in their homeland in the provinces remote from Beijing.

    So the problem adjourns again, like in the decades before.

    Cages, rms/mcvth, kasaan media, 1987
    Cages, rms/mcvth, kasaan media, 1987


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