The extraordinary Chris

Main Street Gibraltar , kasaan media publishers, 2018
Main Street Gibraltar , kasaan media publishers, 2018

Exceptionally high spam rate

There may be people who believe in their horoscopes.

“My very dear…,
sometimes I feel completely helpless and cruelly superfluous.
Why, you may wonder?
Well, simply because I can’t make people happy against their will!”

From the advertising fireworks of the “extraordinary Chris”.

It is in this environment that the exceptional Chris, whoever that may be, is putting massive pressure on his customers with strange spam mails to accept his completely worthless prognoses for the future.
He is living in outer space.
These prognosis does not even have the value of a spam and cause costs, depending on the time that passes between offer and donation.

Chris doesn’t demand, he takes what he likes best. The money.
In the esoteric industry there are a lot of black sheep who promise even more.

Who’s behind the extraordinary Chris – who knows the special moments of happiness in his whole life, who is a TV star and parapsychologist, has achieved everything with his clairvoyance, remains in the dark. At least he does clairvoyance for free.
Evidenced by his countless disturbing messages he sends to potential victims.

Quote from the extraordinary Chris

“This happens to only a few people in their lives, so you can say that you are, in a way, chosen. Only the powerful of this world, some celebrities, have such coincidences of planets in their birth horoscope.
I can tell you that hasn’t happened very often in my professional life. Maybe every 4 or 5 years I meet such a case, at most… I don’t think you’re aware of what’s happening to you.”

Whoever believes in it and in the other meaningless promises is to blame himself. There is only the good marketing of the extraordinary Chris. The rest is absolute nonsense.
Interesting, however, is the address of the extraordinary Chris.

New Lotus Web, Suite 2 B, 143 Main Street, Gibraltar

This suite, located in a small side street of the British Mandate, has already been used in the Panama papers is being led. Probably the office door belongs to an offshore company of the so-called Sovereign Trust, further traces of the company lead to Hong Kong and Germany.

While the extraordinary Chris spreads his countless emails, talks about light days, about a friend who has crossed you off the list, that the money soon comes in droves over the reader, who conjures up rituals and makes great divinations, the whole operation of the coffee grounds reader gets into a bad light.
It is comforting that with every mail he sends, the price of his opaque service continues to fall.
If you nevertheless believe in the grotesque explanations, you should wait for the tenth email, then the nonsense costs only a fraction of the first bill. Best of all, hands off Chris and his enlightenments.


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