The Colors Of Autumn


Fall comes.
(Office SB / GER)

In Europe, it comes with storms and political ignorance, human abysses . One wonders now, where nature gives everything what it has to offer, what people are doing to each other .

The sweetest fruits are hanging on the tallest trees

Hawthorn, kasaan media, 2018
Hawthorn, kasaan media, 2018

The incorrigible spirit of British Brexiteers is destroying a land that needs our respect and aid . One has to treat the UK with dignity and not humiliate the desperat PM, as happened in Salzburg last week .

Also, when Britain’s resignation from the EU arose on lies and disinformation of some politicians, and the people of the United Kingdom were deceived by oblique nationalists .

Walnut, kasaan media, 2018
Walnut, kasaan media, 2018
Medlar. kasaan media publishers, 2018
Medlar. kasaan media publishers, 2018

The behavior in Salzburg, however, shows the incomprehensible ignorance of Brussels A confederation of states defines itself differently .

Even in Africa, people are afraid of Brexit and subsequent chaos .

The human suffering that results from Brexit must be intercepted by all Europeans .

The message is: You belong to us, whatever nonsense the political forces drive: We are here for you!

The appeal of this fall could mean: Show the British that they are not responsible for the critic mass of their politicians .

Absurdistan in the fall

While other citizens bring walnuts from the trees, the political autumn in Germany is becoming increasingly absurd .

A drained intelligence chief whose authority operated outside any norm decides the weal and woe of a state .

It is reminiscent of the former GDR and its methods of dealing with political challenges .

One wants to say nothing to the collaboration with the political opponents, the AfD, because the protection of the constitution secret service) does not seem to serve in itself the homogeneous goal of the democracy, but for own goals, which are not conducive to Germany .

Hazelnut, kasaan media, 2018
Hazelnut, kasaan media, 2018

To cooperate with right-wing extremists to warn of steps against the AfD .
That’s not all, Maassen was promoted Secretary of State (Interior) and now the SPD, in the guise of Andrea Nahles, revokes slowly the coalition deal on the “causa Maassen” .

The claim becomes absurd when the coalition, which operates like a dictatorship, pretends to be working for the benefit of the citizens . There has seldom been so much injustice on German soil after 1949, as the injustice that the state now inflicts on its citizens .

Rosehip, kasaan media, 2018
Rosehip, kasaan media, 2018

The main thing, one can hold on to the power without scruples, which is crumbling since long ago .

Stupid side effect: The right-wing elements of the AfD gain .

Acorn, kasaan media, 2018
Acorn, kasaan media, 2018

While a journalist died in the Hambach Forest, RWE‘s (Energy Group) squad still insists on cutting down a 12,000-year-old forest .

It is reminiscent of a real satire, if the dead person were not being killed while work in the forest and this is RWE sole fault .

That must be said clearly .

The corporation can not talk itself out. He can not do it . Every felled tree should be kept as property damage and environmental offenses to those responsible at RWE .

The resistance must continue to form .

Sea buckthorn, kasaan media, 2018
Sea buckthorn, kasaan media, 2018

Lignite, which has long been part of the moth-crate of German energy policy, is just as important as any tree, the arrogance of the current power collector convays .

Resistance to RWE’s self-proclaimed loggers deserves all our respect .
RWE has many faces that, if you think carefully, call for a social boycott of the group . RWE can only be catched by the profit loss .

Tree houses are more than pulmonary ills due to lignite burning.
Every tree is worth defending.

Autumn has its own beauty. It gets cooler, the nature shows with the coloring of the leaves, that the cycle of life is again close to the winter end


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