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Wikileaks and the mysterious disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis

It is certain that Kamphuis, who for years belonged to the closer circle of supporters of Assange, was last seen on August 20 in Bodø, in front of Hotel Scandic Crown. He wanted to take the train to Trondheim. Kamphuis wasn't supposed to be suicidal. His schedule was full of plans.

What has Wikileaks to do with the French Revolution?

This article also appeared on Wikileaks itself in French, in August 2012, at the “Le Grand Soir” in Paris and in numerous other French publications. Time travel The current, daily more bizarre international situation, however, how absurd it may sound, is comparable to the days and the weeks, the years before French Revolution. A desperate financial crisis, which was self-made, knitted, an always deferred reform, some sort a blockade, not only on the life worthy issue of incumbent climate changes of the world, this progress could have served all people. And all, what is already bitter enough, history has repeated, this time, in our days. However, the smug, greedy bankers, shady business leaders, strange political, some of the Constitution completely indifferent currents, an all-dominant intelligence, an uncontrollable power gadget, which acts apparently out of a never-ending, infinite resource against a hostile, every day potentiating crisis.
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