Raspberry Sin

Raspberry Sin, kasaan media, 2016
Raspberry Sin, kasaan media, 2016

Raspberry Sin

Confidently, this question can be answered after enjoying this piece of cake with a clear yes.
It represents the finest patisserie art, pure luxury.

So much has be said in advance.

This palate enjoyment has been so exquisite that we want to share the recipe with all readers.

More than the ingredients and the approximate preparation we could not get out of the pastry chef, his helping hands. And that was very hard to do.


100 gr. Fresh raspberries

Mascapone 4 spoons

3 ribs of black, very bitter chocolate


1 spoonful of bitter instant coffee

Half a spoonful of brown sugar

An ice cube


Mix the Mascarpone with the instant coffee and the ice cube to a cream, slowly add sugar. Form the viscous mass into an egg.
(Alternatively you can add cognac) Then cool, preferably in the deep freezer. Meanwhile, heat the chocolate in a pot until it melts creamy. Afterwards pour the mass over the prepared Mascarpone eggs- garnish with the raspberries and small balls of Mascarpone. Finally sprinkle the pistachios over the finished dessert.

Very special it looks and tasts with small flacs of black chocolate.



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