On our own behalf – the insolvency of KNV as a challenge for publishers

Book market in future, kasaan media, 2019
Book market in future, kasaan media, 2019

Ergo est

The German book wholesaler knv went bankrupt. That’s bitter, but with an announcement.
The book trade suffers from the market power of the opaque Internet giant Amazon.

Quotas of 3-5 % are mentioned, which are supposed to be real in order to satisfy the remaining claims of knv.

That’s coffee grounds reading.

In addition to the task of publishing books, publishers also have a high level of social responsibility.
We all have to live up to that.
It doesn’t do any of us justice right now.

It is damage minimization that is currently running.
What’s the next step?

As a matter of fact, the damage has already been done. The damage, however, would be greater if one did not act.

In this context, acting does not mean talking, but shaping.

Amazon does not abide by anything except the dictate of Jean-Claude Juncker and his followers, who invited the giant to become so big.

That nobody misunderstands me, United Europe is the best thing that could have happened to Europe. It’s about the administration forgetting everything when it’s not about money or Brexit.
No normal person relies on politics any more. Where is the outcry of those who should stand up for art and literature of state ways?

You can’t hear a thing.

I don’t like dictatorships or cartels

Publishers must organize themselves in order not to succumb to a dictatorship that moves outside any norms in the motivation “stinginess is horny”. Amazon thinks only of itself, and builds up a gigantic apparatus – that makes the appearance of any other book trade look like a dwarf against monopolist.

The antitrust authorities are watching.

Tax forms from Nevada or Wisconsin. A bacon belt of diffuse advance publishers who feed on what Amazon still leaves as crumbs.

For the flat rate of Amazon, authors degenerate into human typewriters!

Democracy works different.

On the horizon, the spectre of Amazon circles. People who sell books from mailboxes for 1,800 Euros and more. These books are worth 10 Euro at most.

What about the fixed book prices that Amazon is undermining in this context?

Those who make a golden nose out of it must be persecuted.
New commodity is issued as returns to maintain the Marketplace of Amazon for what it is. An opaque and all-destructive juggernaut.

What Amazon and it’s henchmen do on the Marketplace threatens their very existence. Without the influence of the publishers, who are actually just petitioners in a completely out of control system.

For a democratic book market, it is essential that publishers act.

In doing so, they will inevitably have to face the bookstores, the consumers and secure the delivery routes themselves.

The insolvency administrator Wahl of Stuttgart, who has to handle the bankruptcy of knv, would certainly not oppose a cooperative of publishers who would take over the existing structures of knv after a certain “haircut”.

This would at least ensure that Amazon cannot buy everything and everyone.
Publishers have an obligation to stand up for those who are actually the costumers.



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