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On our own behalf – the insolvency of KNV as a challenge for publishers

The German book wholesaler knv went bankrupt. That's bitter, but with an announcement. The book trade suffers from the market power of the opaque Internet giant Amazon.
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The extraordinary Chris

(BlR/McvtH) Exceptionally high spam rate There may be people who believe in their horoscopes. "My very dear..., sometimes I feel completely helpless and cruelly superfluous. Why, you may wonder? Well, simply because I can't make people happy against their will!" From...
Kim_Jong-un_at_the_Workers'_Party_of_Korea_main_building, Blue House (Republic of Korea) [KOGL Type 1]

The incredible Mr. Kim

Kim is a complete reincarnation of a bad cartoon character. With a black hat.

He is the tragic hero of the complete crazy Juche theory - but stupid and brutal enough to wipe out his people for power.