Switch off the light – the bust of the darknet giant...

Now one of the giants in Darknet has been hit. "Wallstreet Market" so called here WSM. After the sudden shutdown of Dream Market, the oldest...

Fire in famous Notre Dame in Paris / France- video

Like a biblical catastrophe Notre Dame in Paris is on fire. The landmark of the city on the Seine.

James Bond 25 th Film

James Bond is back, with first pictures from the 25 th film, directed in Norway. Enjoy it!

A man by the name of Sinatra

Frank Sinatra - "Got You Under My Skin" (Concert Collection) Orchestra Nelson Riddle

Wikileaks and the mysterious disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis

It is certain that Kamphuis, who for years belonged to the closer circle of supporters of Assange, was last seen on August 20 in Bodø, in front of Hotel Scandic Crown. He wanted to take the train to Trondheim. Kamphuis wasn't supposed to be suicidal. His schedule was full of plans.

News from the Unknown Dead at Plaza Hotel in Oslo –...

On 3 June 1995, a Saturday, an emergency call was received by the police in Oslo at about 19.58 hrs.

The Satans General

The verdict was delivered and for the former Serbian General Ratko Mladić it meant symbolicly the death penalty.Many of the victims wanted him to hang. Civilisation forbids this forever.

Radovan Karadžić

Non-medical practitioner Dabić had not only a second wife in his diving station in Belgrade, but also an incredibly cynical sense of humor, who help him to serve the 40 years of his verdict, the UN court gave him last year.

Raspberry Sin

Raspberry SinConfidently, this question can be answered after enjoying this piece of cake with a clear yes.It represents the finest patisserie art, pure luxury.

What has Wikileaks to do with the French Revolution?

This article also appeared on Wikileaks itself in French, in August 2012, at the “Le Grand Soir” in Paris and in numerous other French publications. Time travel The current, daily more bizarre international situation, however, how absurd it may sound, is comparable to the days and the weeks, the years before French Revolution. A desperate financial crisis, which was self-made, knitted, an always deferred reform, some sort a blockade, not only on the life worthy issue of incumbent climate changes of the world, this progress could have served all people. And all, what is already bitter enough, history has repeated, this time, in our days. However, the smug, greedy bankers, shady business leaders, strange political, some of the Constitution completely indifferent currents, an all-dominant intelligence, an uncontrollable power gadget, which acts apparently out of a never-ending, infinite resource against a hostile, every day potentiating crisis.

The fate of Chinese migrant workers

Sheer desperation This sheer desperation is exploited by unscrupulous traders.These winners of the system actually manage people like slaves and suck the last power- the will to carry on in this senseless system - their commitment to work, clear rubble, clean channels.

When there were still glaciers

No one can find this glacier anymore, which existed 30 years ago in the Alps in Austria. They disappeared completely. One can find glaciers in our days, which were a natural evolution, now only in the upper altitudes.

Once upon a time on Sicily

Italy and the Mafia- an almost endless history of entanglement between politics and organized crime.It is not just since yesterday that the Italian courts have been trying prosecute the countless Mafia families on Sicily who have spread like a serious illness all over the world.