Dead man’s river

Wild Water in Norway, mcvth, kasaan media, 2018
Wild Water in Norway, mcvth, kasaan media, 2018

The story of the Norwegian farmed salmon

The story is an insult for humans and animals

Every year before Christmas, salmon is not just the Germans favorite fish. Salmon is enjoyed throughout the EU.

But this issue has to be discussed.

If there were not opaque company networks in Cyprus, in Norway, in Chile. But it is about profit not about fish or even nature, farming. All is about rude profit.

Salmon is an incredibly tasty and nutritious fish whose enjoyment definitely contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

It is also true that if possible, you should eat fish at least three times a week.

The farmed salmon from aquaculture have unfortunately lost many of the substantial nutrients, and one can only become turned off, if one looks at the composition of the aquatic feed of the farmed salmon.

A predatory fish can not be fed with botanicals, antibiotics and other poisons that apparently cause the animal to reach the carcass faster than in the wild.

Wildlife is the keyword

In the wild, in the rivers of Norway, the fish is threatened with extinction.

Dead landscapes infested with pesticide and penicillin- that’s what the Norwegian aquacultures understand by the careful attitude of the salmon farming.

Actually, it would be a important reason that Brussels intervenes immediately, if consumers are chronically poisoned after appraisals- not so in this case.

Dead man’s river

But Brussels raised the levels for pestizides.

Everyone knows, everyone is looking away.

Aqua culture might be a solution against starvation and for industrial farming, but not for salmon.

It seems a self-supporting system in which the animals are only objects, a veritable “gold mine”, even if the entire coastline has left as an “underwater lunar landscape” on several continents.

Meter-high layers of mud are formed under the cages contained rotten fish leftovers. The cages were installed at a depth of approx. 40 meters, in which the animals appear to be fed with a type of fertilizer.

The species is vulnerable to parasites and other diseases, as even The Scientist stated lately.

This and the greed for money makes the animals an incalculable risk to humans and nature. What mutations arise from the farmed salmon, one can only guess. The University of Bergen wrote more than one report about the failure of salmon aqua culture.

1. Chronic Consumption of Farmed Salmon Containing Persistent Organic Pollutants Causes Insulin Resistance and Obesity in Mice

2.High Consumption of Farmed Salmon Does Not Disrupt the Steady State of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) in Human Plasma and Adipose Tissue

3. Growth reaction norms of domesticated, wild and hybrid Atlantic salmon families in response to differing social and physical environments

No one wants to enjoy more smoked salmon from Norwegian aquaculture. Many Norwegian environmentalists consider the salmon as not suitable for consumption. Simple as too toxic.

The history that revealed itself to us during the research had everything to be a thriller. The plot unfortunately took place for years in reality.

A lot of science, but no fiction.

Not to mention that the initiators of salmon cultures took a golden shower at the expense of consumer health. It is about the highest profit, the fast Euro and after the aquaculture the proverbial deluge follows in the second part of ” Dead mans river


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