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The Dream of the Circle of Life, kasaan media, 2018

Sneak view: The Dream of the Circle of Life: Antartica, 2108

How will mankind continue?
The old question is the answer here: In May, 2408 Port Saint Pieter, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

A 402 years old woman is looking back on her life and the revolutionary experience of humanity. Everything starts in 2108 as the Territorials govern the Tuba Islands. Mankind fears the near-Earth satellites, the Exodus tuber, the accustics and the downfall of the torn civilization. So the old lady travels through time and space.

An outstanding Science fiction and utopian and dystopian fiction

Mercedes Benz 220 SB, Automatic tail finned, 1965, kasaanmedia , 2018

The wonderful Wilhelm

This extraordinary vehicle is after the death of the owner, who treated it like a treasure, for sale.
What a rare opportunity !

There is an older valuation report which can not reflect the realities of today’s value . The condition can today be graded between good and very good . The vehicle was regularly moved until a few months ago with oldtimer license plates.

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