Beautiful Hotel for sale in Germany

Full range of life in Germany

The hotel of exceptional beauty is located in Kirkel.

A reason for us to report about the gem that is now for sale.

For any investor, it can only be the recommendation of the month.

Kirkel, if the city is not known, is located near the Saarland university town of Homburg and also offers the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau, known for its orchid meadows and the Bliesbruck-Reinheim Cultural Park.

Here is the tourism in beautiful scenery at home.

View over Kirkel, kasaan media, 2018
View over Kirkel. kasaan media, 2018

The house shines with a blue roof over the whole town of Kirkel – two beautiful terraces invite you to linger.

On the roof there is the possibility to install a solar system, which would fit in the environmental protection and the investment in the house.

The life in this house is on four floors and also offers an apartment for the new owner, which can hardly be outbid in size. The house has a good substance, is well maintained and of extraordinary architecture.

Owners flat, kasaan media, 2018
Owners flat, kasaan media, 2018

The current owner, a Saarland veteran, gives up the well-running operation for reasons of age. Many years of enduring work are shown in the 1950s building, which looks more like a spacious and inviting villa. A kind of tower porch completes the overall picture of the extraordinary building.

Previously, the house served as a club.

Tower porch, kasaan media, 2018
Tower porch, kasaan media, 2018

A hall-like dining room with ornaments and an open fireplace lures the guest immediately to the bar or into the comfortable lobby. There are several dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms outside the rooms. This well-conceived circumstance also allows for a large catering business.

Open fireplace in the Restaurant, kasaan media, 2018
Open fireplace in the Restaurant, kasaan media, 2018

The ceilings decorated with stucco and ornaments pay homage to the rooms, some of which are decorated with extraordinary details.


The spacious place offers possibilities for at least 10 rooms, a spa area is already available with sauna and small swimming pool in the basement.

Each of the suite rooms has its own bathroom, wonderful views and modern windows. An efficient heating system.

Room example, kasaan media, 2018
Room example, kasaan media, 2018

Future prospects

It would be ideal to make a hotel out of the building, which could establish itself as one of the first houses within a short time. The courtyard offers enough space to offer a summer beer garden and winter beer garden for guests of all kinds.

Room example, kasaan media, 2018
Room example, kasaan media, 2018

The negotiation basis of 890,000 Euros is rather low and is only partially adequate for the wonderful building. This must be negotiated directly with the owner, who is available for inquiries via cipher 018120.
Furnitures and inventory could be taken over. The building can be visited at any time, by appointment.

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