Trumps next mistake -followed by an attack on a synagoge in Sweden

Donald Trump is playing with matches and fire, not only North Korea, now he wants to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The whole world is protesting against the “tycoon of the White House”. Trump does not care about the opinion of the world.

Victims of his policy are now Jews in a synagogue in Gothenburg in Sweden.

Masked strangers attacked this building and later one of the shocked visitors of the church commented on it.

He said that he thinks, the attack carried out with Molotov cocktails was linked to Trump’s decision.

The perpetrators escaped unrecognized.

It should have been about 20 perpetrators, as the Jewish Agency reported.
The Swedish police investigates.
There was considerable material damage, nobody was hurt. The victims hid after agency reports in the basement of the building during the attack.

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